What we do

"People always had problem to communicate with each other. So what then we can say about us, animals? Well, it's much harder for us, but our experienced team will help you with this. We work in this field already more than 1 day and we will teach you proper way to communicate with humans."

Celty, CEO

How we can help you?

No one can resist cuteness. So we will teach you how to be cute. After our courses everyone, who will see you, will say "Awwwww". 100% guaranteed food back, if you will be not satisfied.

Is your human eating something tasty? We will teach you how to beg your favorite food.

If our tricks didn't help you, don't worry, our punitive department for sure will fix it.

Meat Our Team

Celty, CEO

She holds the position of cute dog already more than one year. Knows everything about begging food and will teach you this.

Squirrel and White Witch, Communication managers.

They will teach you how to speak with someone without dropping any word.

Executioner of Hope, Punitive department.

If all our tricks didn't help you, this guy will enter the stage.